Understanding the Advantages of MXQ Bornemann® Equivalent Progressive Cavity Pumps

December 12, 2017
Progressive Cavity Pumps

Progressive cavity pumps are one of the popular types of positive displacement pumps used in various industrial applications. The pumps are designed to suit various application requirements. There are various US-based manufacturers who offer these pumps, however, the ones offered by MXQ USA have gained immense popularity. Why are these pumps popular? Read further to find out why.

Why are MXQ Bornemann® Equivalent Progressive Cavity Pumps so popular?

  1. High-quality Construction:

    MXQ EH progressive cavity pumps are made from high-quality materials, which make them perfect for abusive environments.  They come standard with high quality cardan joints, stainless steel shafting and hardware, a bronze packing lantern ring (flushable), side window access ports, drain pipes, and fittings for pressure gauges.

  2. High Quality Cardan Joints (3 year warranty):

    Unlike other progressive cavity pumps, MXQ EH progressive cavity pumps are equipped with high quality cardan joints.  These highly durable joints are made to stand the test of time and increase the overall service life of the pump.

  3. Low Shear:

    The media that is pumped will be gently conveyed through the cavities of the stator with low pulsation and low shear.

  4. Ideal for Different Viscosities & Temperatures:

    MXQ progressive cavity pumps are self-priming, valve-free positive displacement pumps, which are designed to handle everything from a low to high viscous media. This makes them ideal for everything from thin media to highly viscous media. MXQ PC pumps also process media with non-viscosity characteristics, as well as various types of neutral, abrasive, and aggressive media.  MXQ pumps are designed for viscosities up to 1,000,000 cSt, and solid sizes up to 3ʺ, and flow rates up to 1,400 GPM.

  5. Designed for High Pressures and Temperatures:

    MXQ EH pumps can easily achieve a high differential pressure up to 360 PSI. These pumps are also suitable for applications that may involve high operating temperatures up to 356 °F.

  6. Various Applications: MXQ progressive cavity pumps are used in various types of applications, from wastewater to petrochemical.  Their versatility allows them to be a viable option in many different types of liquid handling processes.

Progressive Cavity Pumps

Industrial Applications Using MXQ Progressive Cavity Pumps

The pumps are used in the following industries:

  • Wastewater Industry:

    MXQ pc pumps handle large amounts of organic solids, rags and other waste matter that challenges wastewater pumps. High demands are placed on reliable pumping, since spills and overflows will cause damage to the environment, leak of foul odors and result in fines.

  • Oil and Petrochemical:

    MXQ progressive cavity pumps used in oil and petrochemical industries for conveying alkaline, gaseous, abrasive, and aggressive media. These pumps are also used for drilling.

  • Biogas:

    In the biogas industry, these pumps are used to carry various types of organic waste material.

  • Paper and Pulp:

    This is one of the most demanding and technically advanced industries. Today, various types of advanced machines are used in these industries. The machines are known to produce 2000 meters of paper in a minute. Also, they end up mixing lots of glue and other chemicals in the process, which can cause build up and pulsation. MXQ progressive cavity pumps can easily withstand abrasive media, thus are widely used for conveying purposes.