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Bitumen/Asphalt Transfer Pumps

The petroleum byproduct, bitumen, which is a black, viscous mixture of hydrocarbons, and asphalt, has immense applications in the construction industry. This sticky, semi-solid form of petroleum can be found in natural deposits which are then refined for several purposes. During this refinement process, there are several instances where these highly viscous products must be transported to and fro, which requires specialized pumping equipment. The use of normal pumps would not bring you desired results, but will only result in pump damage including premature mechanical seal failures. At MXQ, we offer bitumen transfer pumps that are made to efficaciously handle and transfer bitumen/asphalt. These progressive cavity pumps are known for their efficient performance, operational reliability, long service life, and noiseless operation.

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MXQ’s progressive cavity pumps have been largely replacing normal pumps for applications that demand pumping viscous products like bitumen and asphalt. Manufactured from high strength steel and coated to minimize abrasion, MXQ’s bitumen pumps perform the best even with constant contact with from the abrasive liquids they transfer. These bitumen pumps are built to stand the test of the time, and thus guarantee minimum maintenance, optimum performance, and long service life. With reliable, efficient and stable functionality, our range of asphalt emulsion pumps deliver unfailing service without blockage, component failure and leakage.

When your application demands economically transferring bitumen/asphalt from varied sources, then MXQ’s asphalt / bitumen transfer pump is the right solution. They can make the job smooth and fast, without causing excessive wear on pumps and their components. Having a longstanding tradition of managing bitumen and asphalt, MXQ’s bitumen pumps offer safe and reliable operation. The following features also contribute to their immense popularity.

  • These progressive cavity bitumen / asphalt emulsion pumps assure extremely gentle, and non-pulsating pumping, and generate low noise.
  • Known for simple design with low operating costs, these bitumen transfer pumps are extremely easy to install.
  • They are manufactured following strict quality standards, test procedures and this gives the assurance of trouble-free operation for a long period of time.
  • Our bitumen pumps are designed to outperform all centrifugal, vortex and positive displacement pumps, thus improving your bottom line.
  • With their capability to provide enough turbulence and flow, these asphalt pumps make pumping bitumen and asphalt less of a challenge.

Specifically designed for the most difficult pumping applications, our bitumen/asphalt transfer pumps are largely been used by industries that deal with hazardous fluids.  With a rich inventory of ready to ship progressive cavity pumps, we are all set to meet the demands of the following industries:

  • Refineries
  • Construction