MXQ MM-Series Pumps

MXQ MM-Series pumps are exact duplicates of the Moyno® 2000 series progressive cavity pumps. These pumps are manufactured to handle thrust and radial loads efficiently.  Their high quality gear joints and materials of construction create a very robust, reliable option for your application.

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  • Heavy duty Gear Joints are used to withstand pressure and thrust loads.
  • Stuffing box can accommodate single/double mechanical seal or packing.
  • Uses grease packed roller bearings to extend pump life.
  • Sturdy castings reduce vibration to shaft and bearings.
  • Various materials of construction available.
  • Suction chamber can rotate 360° for easier installation.
  • Inspection ports for efficient cleaning.



  • Pressures up to 500 PSI
  • Viscosities over 1,000,000 CpS.
  • Flows up to 2,000 GPM
  • Temperatures up to 400 °F.
  • Solids up to 2.8″




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