Paper Stock and Cellulose Pumps

Paper stock and cellulose pumps are essentially used to transfer paper slurries and cellulose fibers or what we call paper stock pumping. Undoubtedly, they have a large application in the paper & pulp, textile, and chemical industries. It is understood that these pumps should not only be sturdy but also capable of transferring semi-solid materials, cellulose fibers, and all that could be present in paper pulps. Progressive cavity pumps work very well in this application area. This is because they require less suction head and exhibit low shear rates. They vary in type and designs depending on the application. MXQ is a trusted supplier of a variety of progressive cavity pumps for the paper and pulp industry, and have a large inventory of spare parts such as stators, rotors, gaskets, and bearings.

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The pulp & paper industry is diverse and demanding in nature. The end users in this sector need pumps which can function for hours without pulsation and handle fibers in cellulose, glue, and other highly viscous fluids. Also, such pumps should be stable at high temperatures. In such a scenario, progressive cavity pumps that work as paper stock cellulose pumps are the best suited ones because of their features such as several assembly configurations and designs. Also, these pumps assure stability in extreme conditions with minimal agitation and pulsation, and are capable of handling a variety of fluids.

We have a variety of brands of progressive cavity pumps, such as Moyno, Bornemann, and Netzsch, supplied to several companies  in paper & pulp and chemical industries. They are of an excellent quality and can resist high temperatures and harsh working conditions.

Waste paper is gaining demand by the day, hence paper stock pumping applications are on the rise. Paper stock and cellulose pumps are used in very niche areas in addition to several other pumping applications in the paper and pulp industry. Here are a few application areas:

  • Pumping of paper stock: This includes transferring synthetic as well as non-synthetic materials to the proportioning system. These include dyes, glue, waste paper rags, wood bark, bleached fibers, and so on.
  • Pumping fluids to the paper machine: The main components of this machine comprise a headbox, forming rollers, and filters among others. The headbox evenly spreads the liquid throughout the machine. The water in this removed through the filters and the somewhat moist residue remains above. This residue-based solution, which contains semi-solid and viscous materials such as glue and starch, is then transferred to the forming rollers.