ANSI refers to the American National Standard Institute. ANSI process pumps are those which comply with the ANSI Standard B73.1. You can avail these pumps from MXQ, LLC at competitive prices.

The whole idea of introducing ANSI process pumps was to make the replacement pumps easily accessible. All the ANSI process pumps that we provide are dimensionally interchangeable with other competitive pumps. They feature a back pull-out design. These features of these pumps make them easy to source for facilities and plants. The need to change the pipe design and schematic is completely eliminated. At MXQ, LLC, we can provide you the MXQ G-Line series ANSI pumps, which can be easily interchanged with the Goulds 3196 pumps. The MXQ D-Line of ANSI pumps that we provide can be interchanged 100% with the Durco Mark III pumps.

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ANSI is the standard set by the American National Standard Institute for the engineers, producers, technicians, and manufacturers to produce quality products. B73.1 is one such standard specially set for the centrifugal pumps. This standard covers around 27 sizes of the pumps. This standard sets a key dimension for each and every size. It allows one to interchange products and parts from different brands and manufacturers.

In this category of ANSI process pumps, there are certain standard dimensions, such as:

  • Pump coupling height
  • Centerline distance between discharge nozzle and suction
  • Bolts held down by the pump location

There are three standard lengths of ANSI pumps that we provide:

  • 17.5″
  • 23.5″
  • 33.875″



The following are some common specifications of the G-Line and D-Line pumps that we provide:

  • Horsepower from 1.0 to 250
  • Total head pressure from 50 to 750 feet (22 to 325 psi)
  • Flow rates from 10 to 5,000 GPM
  • Various shaft and shaft sleeve combinations
  • SKF or equal bearings
  • Back Pull-out Design
  • External impeller adjustment
  • Manufactured to meet ANSI/ASME B73.1 standard
  • Standard, large and modified seal chambers
  • Inpro bearing isolators
  • Radial Vane Impeller
  • Multiple materials of construction available (Hast B, Hast C, Alloy 20, Carbon Steel, CD4, 316SS)
  • Easy Retrofit
  • Concentric (Circular) Casing

  Specifications of MXQ ANSI D-Line Pumps

  • Reverse vane impeller design
  • 100% interchangeable with Durco Mark III
  • Mark III Groups 1, 2, & 3 models

  Specifications of MXQ ANSI G-Line Pumps

  • Open impeller design
  • 100% interchangeable with Goulds 3196
  • STX, MTX, LTX and XLT models


Pump Sizes


This ANSI process pump sizing standard is broken down into three main groups.

  • Group I consists of the process pumps with sizes from 1.5 by 1-6 to 3.0 by 1.5-8.
  • Group II consists of the process pumps with sizes from 3 by 2-8 to 6 by 4-13.
  • Group III consists of the process pumps with sizes from 6 by 4-16 to 10 by 8-17.

The following are the pump sizes available with us from the G-Line and D-Line:

1 X 1.5-61.5 X 1-62
1 X 1.5-81.5 X 1-82
1.5 X 3-63 X 1.5-62
2 X 3-63 X 2-62
1.5 X 3-83 X 1.5-82
2 X 3-83 X 2-82
3 X 4-84 X 3-82
3 X 4-8G2 X 1-10A
1 X 2-103 X 1.5-10A
1.5 X 3-103 X 2-10
2 X 3-103 X 2-10A
3 X 4-104 X 3-10
3 X 4-10H4 X 3-10H
4 X 6-106 X 4-10
4 X 6-10H6 X 4-10H
1.5 X 3-133 X 1.5-13
2 X 3-133 X 2-13
3 X 4-134 X 3-13
4 X 6-136 X 4-13A
6 X 8-13-
8 X 10-13-
6 X 8-15-
8 X 10-15-
8 X 10-15G-



What makes these pumps so widely used is the benefits that they have. Here are some major advantages of choosing ANSI process pumps for your applications:

  • Cost-effective Solution: These pumps are cheaper as compared to the other types of pumps. Besides this, they also have a lower operating cost compared to the other pumps.
  • Easily Available: You can easily avail these pumps and its parts from a wide range of vendors.
  • High Hardness Materials: Most ANSI process pumps are made from high hardness materials, which make them strong, robust, and capable of lasting long.
  • High Tolerance: The ANSI pumps that we provide have a high tolerance for most solids.
  • Lower Electrical Consumption: These pumps are designed to operate at low pressures of 70-90 psi, unlike other pumps that require 90-110 psi. This helps save considerably on electrical consumption.
  • Easy Switch: You don’t require reconfiguring impeller, motor, bedplate, coupling, volute or piping locations while switching these pumps.


Comparison with DAF Pumps

The following table compares ANSI pumps with the DAF pumps:

  Specialty DAF pumps ANSI Process Pumps
Standard Parts Only sourced from manufacturer. Often originating from Asia. Available with any pump vendor
Operating Pressure Medium to High: 90 – 110 psi Low to Medium: 70 – 90 psi
Solids Tolerance Low High
Tendency to Cavitate High Low


Materials of Construction

These ANSI pumps can be manufactured from the following materials:

  1. CD4
  2. 316 SS
  3. Hastelloy
  4. Alloy 20
  5. Fiberglass
  6. PTFE
  7. PFA



The most common application of these process pumps are transferring thin fluids, including alcohol, water, and many other fluids that are less aggressive. Based on the type of impeller used, these pumps have the capability to move fluids with or without solids. The following are some most common industries that use the ANSI process pumps on a large scale:

  1. Food Processing
  2. Oil Refinery
  3. General Manufacturing
  4. Pulp and Paper
  5. Chemical Applications
  6. Ethanol Production Facilities
  7. Petrochemical
  8. Pharmaceuticals
  9. Paint
  10. Effluent Treatment Plant
  11. Food Plant
  12. Waste and Wastewater Treatment plant




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