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Paint pumps are amongst the most rugged and user-friendly products on the market today that are specifically designed for transferring paint and coatings. Built to last, they can handle high pressures for a broad range of paints and coatings. MXQ, which leverages its 20 years of experience in industrial fluid handling systems, offer progressive cavity pumps that act as capable paint pumps, and efficiently meet a wide range of application needs.

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The substances used in the paint and related products include dispersions, binding agents, primers and plaster masses, which cause damage to conventional pumps when used for pumping operation for a long time. Hence, the manufacturing, processing and packaging of paints demand extremely wear-resistant and high-pressure pumps. Specialized heavy-duty paint pumps are manufactured to handle both low and highly viscous materials present in paints, lacquer and coatings. Here is where the advantages of specially engineered progressive cavity pumps come in. These pumps are ideal for many applications across a wide spectrum of the paint industry owing to their ability to handle viscous or solid content media. At MXQ, we offer a range of easy-to-service and easy-to-clean progressive cavity pumps that help handle tough-to-spray coatings, protective coatings, epoxies, and high-solids materials and more. We provide Bornemann Equivalent, Netzsch Equivalent, and Moyno Equivalent pumps. These pumps are widely used in the paint industry for conveying various types of harsh materials.

Paint and coating manufacturers rely on MXQ’s progressive cavity pumps due to their proven features and capabilities to pump paint mixture and adding pigments which are often abrasive, shear sensitive, and vicious. These highly efficient and reliable pumping units are employed to fill vials, bottles or cans with paint. The other features that add to their wide acceptance for demanding pumping applications in the paint industry include:

  • Built to last for conveying and dosing of free-flowing to high-viscosity media.
  • Guaranteed by their impressive and globally renowned durability, these kinds of progressive cavity pumps can be customized to best fit your application.
  • Our range of progressive cavity paint pumps feature rugged construction to handle ingredients in the paint such as starch, oils, pigments, fillers and dilutions gently and with low pulsation.
  • These pumps are designed for easy dismantling and cleaning, which in turn prevents contamination between color changes.
  • Designed for harsh environments, MXQ’s progressive cavity paint pumps assure easy installation, fluent operation and quick maintenance.
  • These are excellent self-primer pumps that have low shear rates.
  • The pumps are available in various materials of construction for your individual pumping application.
  • With a simple design and easy to use features, these heavy-duty paint pumps guarantee stable performance and high metering accuracy.

At MXQ, we have a long-standing history in serving the needs of paint manufactures by offering highly dependable progressive cavity pumps for abrasive fluid handling. Available in short, space-saving designs, the pumps we offer guarantee stable, gentle and low-pulsation conveyance of paint and related products. A few application examples of these progressive cavity paint pumps in the paint industry include;

  • Transporting pigment sludge or additives
  • Conveying process fluids and binding agents
  • Pumping paint mixture and adding pigments
  • Feeding pump for paint spraying guns
  • Transferring the ingredients to preparation tanks
  • Paint tank farm