Calcium Carbonate Slurry

Calcium Carbonate Slurry Pumps

Calcium Carbonate Slurry is a difficult type of slurry to pump due to its high percentage of abrasive, fine solids. Hence, there is a huge demand for heavy duty pumps that are designed principally to handle gaseous and low viscosity materials. No matter how abrasive your medium is, specially engineered calcium carbonate slurry pumps are at your service to get the job done optimally. At MXQ, we deliver several models of these types of high performing progressive cavity pumps. These pumps deliver superior performance and long life even after the long-term handling of corrosive slurries such as calcium carbonate.

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At MXQ, we provide calcium carbonate slurry pumps from some of the most trusted brands. Our range of Bornemann® Equivalent Models, Netzsch® Equivalent Pumps, and Moyno® Equivalent Pumps are known for their rugged construction, proven features, and efficient and stable performance across a wide range of process conditions. Available in several models and in varied specifications, these pumps make your challenging calcium carbonate slurry handling extremely trouble-free and safe. A few other reasons that contribute to their popularity include:

  • These self-priming, positive displacement pumps are manufactured utilizing the finest range of materials including stainless steel, mild steel, and cast iron. Owing to the quality construction, our range of calcium carbonate slurry pumps can withstand corrosion caused to the internal components.
  • These progressive cavity pumps are designed to pump irregular hard solids in the calcium carbonate slurry without clogging .
  • They are designed to offer operating efficiency, dependability and versatility unlike other pumps, which suffer from continuous downtime when pumping high SG slurries such as calcium carbonate.
  • These pumps are easy to maintain compared to other positive displacement pumps even after handling corrosive media for a continuous periods.
  • The pumps are built to recognized global standards and are engineered to withstand the rigor of applications.
  • These are compact and lightweight pumps that ensure better wear performance in harsh conditions.

Having discussed the role of calcium carbonate slurry pumps in handling tough and abrasive solids, it can be undoubtedly said that they are the perfect and cost-effective addition to a wide range of industrial operations. We, being a trusted distributor of these top-rated progressive cavity pumps, strive to meet the requirements of the following industries when it comes to handling calcium carbonate slurry:

  • Oil refining and drilling
  • Metal mining
  • Utility plants
  • Paint and paper

Would you like to know more about how calcium carbonate slurry pumps contribute to the better handling and pumping of abrasive slurries? MXQ’s knowledgeable technical team is happy to answer this and any other questions.