Progressive Cavity Pumps Repair

MXQ Progressive Cavity Pumps Repair Services

At MXQ, we focus on gaining excellence in customer service, which goes way beyond just selling progressive cavity pumps. Maintenance and repair are an extended but integral part of sales, and we believe in offering these services to our customers. We are capable of troubleshooting, repairing, and inspecting our progressive cavity pumps, and have a fully functional repair shop located at our Houston headquarters. Depending on your location, we might also have a qualified distributor visit your plant to carry out the evaluation and repair. Regardless of the situation, we will do all we can to re-commission your pump(s) and get your plant back up and running.

We provide extensive progressive cavity pump repair services for the following brands:

  • MXQ
  • Netzsch®
  • Moyno®
  • Bornemann®

Netzsch®, Moyno® & Bornemann® are registered trademarks of Netzsch Mohnopumpen GmbH, Robbins & Myers, Inc., and ITT Bornemann GmbH. MXQ is not an authorized distributor of parts or services for Netzsch Mohnopumpen GmbH’s, Robbins & Myer’s or ITT Bornemann GmbH.
MXQ is not associated with, endorsed by, or sponsored by these companies.

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Progressive cavity pumps work on the principle of positive displacement, and are designed to handle viscous fluids and slurries with solids and particulate matter at the required flow rate. MXQ is one of the trusted suppliers and service providers of progressive cavity pumps and their spare parts such as stators, rotors, gaskets, and bearings. Aside from being a manufacturer and supplier, MRO as a segment is very important for us and we focus on customer-centric maintenance and repair as part of our services. We have professionally trained pump mechanics and service technicians at our facility, who will help get your progressive cavity pump fixed. Also, our intention to give the best-quality progressive cavity pump after repair while also keeping your budget in mind.

Brand Equivalents of Progressive Cavity Pumps and Spare Parts Available at MXQ

Depending upon the application and the brand of pump or spare parts, we have all of it stocked in our inventory:

  • Bornemann Equivalent Pumps and Spare Parts : We have all the spare parts for the EL, EH, and ER models of Bornemann along with complete pumps and a focus on EH models.
  • Netzsch Equivalent Pumps and Spare Parts : We stock selected spare parts for the Netzsch progressive cavity pumps. The models include Net-PJ-A/B, Net CJ-A/B, Net-W Hopper, Net- Close Coupled pumps.
  • Moyno Equivalent Pumps and Spare Parts : We stock selected spare parts for the Moyno progressive cavity pumps. The models include MXQ MW- Series, MXQ MM-Series, and MXQ ML-Series.

 Progressive Cavity Pumps Repair Process at MXQ

Here are the steps we follow for the progressive cavity pump repair process:

  • We will disassemble your progressive cavity pump and carry out a thorough inspection. We check all the parts properly apart from calculating the wear and tear the pump has undergone. We troubleshoot and find the issue and prepare a detailed report on the same. After this first step is done, we give you the inspection report and our quote for the repairs required.
  • The second step is performed after we receive your approval, which includes the actual repair or replacement. We check our inventory for the same, give you the details of the part available in our inventory, and go ahead with the replacement.
  • We test the functionality of the repaired progressive cavity pump, and deliver it back to you in case it is working fine.
  • We believe in connecting with our customers and will follow-up to see if you have confronted any issues with the progressive cavity pump or its repair. We offer preventive maintenance services as well.


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