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Progressive Cavity Pumps in Oil and Gas

There has been a considerable increase in oil/petrochemical production due to its growing consumption across the globe. The worldwide oil reservoirs are massive with several types of equipment deployed to get a satisfying production rate. The use of the right equipment not only contributes to economic operations, but also helps get the job done safely and quickly. At MXQ, we offer one such type of invaluable equipment, the progressive cavity pumps that are essential at many stages of the oil and petrochemicals production.

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The oil and petrochemical industry is very complex with a wide range of applications and challenges. Progressive cavity pumps are the perfect solution for conveyor tasks in plants in which low and highly viscous products have to be conveyed. All media – neutral, alkaline or acid, aggressive, abrasive or gaseous – are safely suctioned, dosed and pumped. Pumps in the oil and gas sector provide a practical, reliable and proven solution to handle fluids during production, processing and transportation. These cutting-edge pumps in oil and petrochemicals have been largely replacing the traditional beam pumping systems that were previously employed at reservoirs. The following models of progressive cavity pumps sold  at MXQ are ideally suited for oil filed applications which involve fluctuating temperatures, and other unfavorable conditions.

  • Bornemann Equivalent Pumps
  • Netzsch Equivalent Pumps
  • Moyno Equivalent Pumps

Safety and reliability must be the key features of pumps that are put to operation in highly corrosive environments in the oil/petrochemical industry. These progressive cavity pumps in oil and gas are self-priming pumps that are designed to offer minimal pulsation, whilst assuring excellent suction lift capabilities. Moreover, these pumps in oil and gas are developed scrupulously in compliance with the strictest industrial standards in handling solids, sludge, chemical substances, adhesives, and petroleum. The other factors that contribute to their popularity for use in the industry include:

  • Our range of progressive cavity pumps offer several benefits in the oil and gas sector when it comes to continuous, pressure-stable, gentle and low-pulsation conveyance of stringy materials.
  • They guarantee high standards of quality, reliability and durability no matter how large or abrasive the particles in the media are.
  • Progressive cavity pumps handle media with minimal shear or turbulence.
  • They require minimal maintenance with low rates of abrasion and wear.
  • MXQ’s pumps in the oil and petrochemicals industry have several unique design features and operating characteristics which favor their applications in exploration, production, processing and separation operations in the oil/petrochemical industry.
  • These types of equipment are low profile, which are known for their relatively simple installation and operation.
  • These positive displacement pumps have minimum initial costs and maximum operational flexibility.

Progressive cavity pumps are the suitable solution for demanding oil fields pumping applications. These pumps are currently being used in oil and gas to handle neutral, alkaline or acid, aggressive, abrasive solutions in high-viscosity oil wells, high-sand-cut wells, low-productivity wells, gassy wells, directional- and horizontal-well applications, among others. Another important process in the oil & petrochemical industry is the injection of drilling fluids. Drilling mud is used for drilling boreholes to extract gas and oil. Progressive cavity pumps are well suited for this process. A few application examples, wherein these pumps are put to operation include:

  • Multiphase Fluid Transfer
  • Lease Automatic Custody Transfer (LACT)
  • Crude Oil Processing
  • Drilling mud transfer
  • Open/closed drains
  • LACT
  • Multiphase pumping
  • Rejecting oil