Oil & Petrochemical


In the new era of low oil price, it is pertinent that oil and petrochemical operators are able to contain cost of operations.

It is important to ensure that pumps work efficiently, maintenance personnel have to regularly visit all the pumps to ensure they are properly serviced and running. A better understanding of when a given pump might fail will allow maintenance personnel to ensure they are addressing the critical issues to drive pump uptime.

Understanding that there are many sophisticated processes in both the upstream and downstream processing industry is also important. Twin-Screw Pumps and Progressive Cavity Pumps are the perfect solution for conveyor tasks in plants in which low and highly viscous products have to be conveyed. All media – neutral, alkaline or acid, aggressive, abrasive or gaseous – are safely suctioned, dosed and pumped. Another important process in the oil & petrochemical industry is the injection of drilling fluids. Drilling mud is used for drilling boreholes to extract gas and oil. Progressive cavity pumps are well suited for this process. The oil and petrochemical industry is a very complex industry with a wide range of applications and challenges.

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